Saturday, January 15, 2011

Arcam rWand Wireless iPod transmitter for rCube and rDAC

UPDATED (Jan 22, 2011) So this is interesting. On Amazon UK, a vendor is selling the iPod transmitter made for Arcam (only one available, what's up with that?) for £69.95. 

And what I didn't realize (as I'm a little out of the loop) is that there is another Arcam sound system that looks like it supports the Kleer wireless audio protoocol, the Arcam rDAC

One thing I don't know is if the Arcam iPod wireless transmitter is only specific to the Arcam music systems (rCube and rDac). I'm almost positive that it isn't, that these wireless transmitters based on Kleer technology can be associated to any Kleer-based wireless earbuds/headphones/speakers. 

But don't quote me as you never know. And since I don't have this system, I can't be positive. But like I said, Kleer technology usually allows any Kleer-based transmitter to any Kleer-based receiver (wireless earbuds/headphones/speakers). 

If you own the Arcam rCube of Arcam rDac and you have a different manufacturer's Kleer-based transmitter, you'd need to be able to put the Arcam products into association mode so that they would pair with your new Kleer-based transmitter. But I don't know if the Arcam products have a button for that. Sorry. I suspect they do, but suspicion is a lot like making an assumption and assumptions usually never end well for me. Needs further investigation.
My other concern with someone selling the Arcam iPod wireless transmitter is the price of £69.95. Looks a little hefty in comparison to the Airphonic Standard Kit for £79.95 from the WireFreeHiFi website, which sells numerous Kleer-based products. 

The Airphonic standard system consists of two small dongles, the S5T+ transmitter which connects to any iPad/Pod/Phone, and the RX1 receiver replaces an iPod etc in a compatible docking system (make sure it's compatible). And the Airphonic transmitter and receiver only cost £79.95. 

So for 10 more Pounds, you get a iPod-compatible receiver. Just wanted to point that out. At the same time, if you already own Kleer-based wireless headphones, especially the Sennheiser RS 160, 170, 180 which are designed for watching television, then the Arcam rWand will allow you to make the RS series mobile (again, it should if it can go into association mode).

The vendor of the Arcam rWand Wireless iPod transmitter for rCube and rDAC currently has a 98% approval rating on Amazon UK, so that's always a good sign. 

UPDATE (Jan 22, 2011) : As my technical writer friends always say, RTFM. Here's a link to the Arcam rCube manual (PDF). In it, it describes how you put the dongles/transmitters into association mode and how you put the rCube speaker into association mode. I knew there had to be a way. The manual is great, easy to read, easy to understand. 

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