Saturday, March 19, 2011

Arcam rWand and rWave Kleer-based transmitters (dongles) available end of month

Arcam provides two types of Kleer-based transmitters (dongles). The rWand, is a 30-pin connector for iPods, iPhones, and iPads.  And the rWave, a USB transmitter, is ideal for your laptop/computer, Mac or Windows. (Watch a video to learn how to associate the rWave with the rCube speaker.) 

The Arcam rWand is expected to cost £70, and the rWave £80.
They're designed to connect to the Arcam rCube or rDac. And, as these transmitters are Kleer-based, you can also associate them with other Kleer-based receivers, such as the AKG K 840 wireless headphones, TDK WR700 wireless headphones, and Sennheiser RS 160, 170, 180 wireless headphones.

But here's the thing.

You can purchase the Opera S5+ for £79.95 from the WireFreeHiFi website (UK-based, ships to UK, Europe, and North America). Or from Amazon UK where they charge a little more. The Opera S5 also uses a 30-pin connector for the iPhone and iPad. 

This means you can purchase a Kleer-based iPod/iPhone/iPad transmitter AND wireless earbuds for like £10 (approximately) more than just the Arcam rWand.  

And since the Kleer-based transmitters are compatible with Kleer-based receivers, the Opera S5 transmitter should work with the Arcam rCube as well.

So that's my smart shopping tip for the day. 

And the USB Kleer-based transmitter, the Arcam rWave looks pretty sweet and doesn't have any competing products (yet). 

As I listen to the majority of music at work, I do enjoy hearing CD-quality music without the wires. I even miss the weight of the wires. You don't notice it until you don't use wires.  Here's a picture of the Arcam rWave. 
Oh yeah, one more thing. As these transmitters use Kleer wireless audio technology, that means you hear CD-quality, digital, stereo, lossless, uncompressed music. 

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