Thursday, March 10, 2011

Review: AKG K840 Wireless Headphones on CrunchGear: Kleer version

Good review of the new AKG K840 wireless headphones that use Kleer wireless audio technology on CrunchGear from March 8, 2011. They're also available in Bluetooth, but as the reviewer mentions, if you're serious about audio, then go for the Kleer version (even though they cost a little more).

Read the entire review on CrunchGear >>

Kleer version comes with a dongle (transmitter) that connects to your music source using the headphones jack. Here's another image from CrunchGear.

And the headphones have volume control on them. But as the reviewer notes, "Once they’re going, you can adjust the volume by hitting the +/- buttons on the left earcup. I found these to be rather imprecise and overly “clicky.” I’d have much preferred pressing something along the rim of the earcup, or a cool dial like on Nox Audio’s headset. These buttons felt clumsy and clicked loudly in my ear. They worked, but I found myself reaching for the speaker or software volume instead. Set it to “75%” and forget about it is my advice."

The reviewer noticed what I noticed too. That these look very similar to the TDK wireless headphones that use Kleer technology. Nothing wrong with that, as I'm sure these use AKG technology. Still, looks like there is a cost difference and I wonder if these outperform the TDK so that the difference is worth it. Something tells me the price will come down. When, who knows.

Check out the price on Amazon UK >>

Looks like you can also purchase directly from the AKG (Harman Kardon) website

Purchase from Harmon Kardon >>

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