Friday, August 5, 2011

Review Harman AKG K840KL On-Ear Wireless Headphone: "Clean sound and portable too"

Positive review from 2 August 2011 on of the Harman AKG K840KL On-Ear Wireless Headphones that use Kleer wireless audio technology. 

Here's the review:

"Love the sound of the headphones. Very clean the bass is not over driven but deep and tight enough for Bach or Emerson, Lake & Palmer. The high crystal Clear not hissy and more volume then you can use. The phones are comfortable they sit on your ear not covering it I can wear them for hours. Ear bud headphones hurt my ears after a short time. AKG give you slew of accessories from the transmitter as small as a Bic lighter, cables for charging and listening three power adapters for any country and two black rubber band not listed in the manual. I found out they are to attach the transmitter to your iPod and they work with the touch screen.

Like I said in the title portable too most wireless headphones have large transmitters that need to be plug into power the transmitter for the AKGs is small and rechargeable like the headphones both charge fast and last a long time I had mine for three weeks now and only have recharged them once after the first time.

AKG....All Kinds of Great sound"

Always helps that the AKG uses Kleer wireless audio technology. This means you hear uncompressed, lossless, CD-quality wireless audio. 

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So here's the crazy thing. As of 5 August 2011, the listed price of the AKG K 840 wireless headphones is $299.00. But if you go to Amazon UK, the cost listed today is £290.99 (current exchange rate, that works out to 465.15 USD). 

That is one whacked price difference. 

Buyer beware, do your research, look for best price. 

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