Friday, August 5, 2011

Sleek Audio And 50 Cent Break Up, Kill Wireless Headphone Dreams

Wohee, been a while since my last post. 

I think I got kind of down when I found out that Sleek Audio and 50 Cent weren't going to be working together on wireless headphones. I know that may sound a little weird, but I really like Kleer technology and was really looking forward to a new Sleek Audio product. And with Fiddy, it was hopefully going to be a more commercial product, available everywhere. Ah well, didn't work out.

But this also makes me question: Where are the new wireless audio products that use Kleer technology? Did the purchase by SMSC kill the technology?

Who knows. But all I know is that I'm looking forward to new products. It's just that I'm waiting and have been waiting for a long time.

Anyways, here's the press release from Sleek Audio:

"Sleek Audio and G-Unit Brands, Inc, 50 Cent's Licensing Company, Cancel Plans to Develop Products Under the "Sleek by 50" Brand

Palmetto, Fl. May 6th, 2011 – Sleek Audio today announced the termination of the Brand License Agreement between Sleek Audio LLC ("Sleek") and G-Unit Brands, Inc. ("G-Unit"), 50 Cent's licensing company. In addition, the Brand License Agreement, including video production, between TV Goods, Inc, Sleek and G-Unit has also been terminated.

"We will be re-evaluating our Wireless Hybrid over-the-ear headphones at a later date. Currently we are working to bring our new, U.S.-made in-ear products to the market," said Mark Krywko, CEO of Sleek Audio.

Sleek Audio is in production of the highly anticipated, U.S.-made SA6-R Wireless Hybrid earphone and award-winning SA7 earphone, which earned the Best of Innovations title in the headphone category at CES 2011. Sleek is also producing its acclaimed PRO Series comprised of hand-made, Wireless Hybrid custom earphones including the CT6 and all-new CT7.

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