Saturday, December 10, 2011

Kleer-based Sennheiser RS 180 review: "It really delivered"

Hey, the price of the Sennheiser RS 180 wireless headphones is dropping in price on Used to go for $389.95 USD, now $268.99 USD. That's a big drop, just in time for the holidays.

"I ordered these partly to be able to watch TV without disturbing others and partly in the hope of clarifying dialogue, particularly in the genre of dramas in which the characters tend to mumble or whisper in the background. It really delivered. Dialogue is crystal clear, even the background stuff. And the fidelity is stunning -much better than my surround sound speaker system and no noise at all. Unlike my speakers, they are absolutely silent during breaks between scenes. I did not experience any delay between the TV speakers and the headphones as some users have described. I suspect this problem may be more prominent with home theatre systems than with the TV speakers. My only quibble would be the tiny control buttons.

Setup was simple, except for a problem that was the fault of my home theatre system, not the headphones. There was no headphone jack on the back of the sound system! Moreover, while the home theatre setup had a setting for HDMI sound to go to the TV (and therefore out using the TV jacks), it automatically switched back to its own speakers and would not allow the HDMI setting to stay locked. After removing the system completely and plugging the headphones into the TV, I discovered a better workaround solution: connect the phones directly to the sound sources: The DVR/cable box and the DVD player. This worked like a charm, permitting the TV to be muted at will and still get sound through the phones. If you have more than one sound source, you will just need a couple of (1 female to 2 male) audio splitters from Radio Shack to plug into both sources. And you will never need a home theatre again!" 

The Sennheiser RS 180 wireless headphones were designed for watching TV as the latency is low enough on these wireless headphones so that you don't have any discrepancy between what you hear and what you see, i.e., what people say is timed properly with their lips. 

And, as the RS 180 use Kleer wireless audio technology, you hear uncompressed, lossless, CD-quality, digital stereo audio. 

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