Sunday, December 11, 2011

Opera S5 wireless earbuds still available on Amazon UK, can ship to States and Canada

Looks like you can still purchase the Apple-certified Opera S5 wireless earbuds from Amazon UK and that they'll ship to the States, Canada, Europe.  I thought they'd been discontinued as well, like the Sennheiser MX W1 true wireless earbuds.  If they haven't been discontinued, they've still have enough in stock on Amazon UK. Costs £79.95, approx: $125.05 USD. Shipped from WireFree HiFi, who has a 95% positive from 39 total ratings.

Because the dongle (transmitter) is Apple-certified, you have audio and track control directly to your iPod from the wireless earbuds. This means you don't need to fish out your iPod to change tracks or volume, you have the controls on your earbuds. 

Check out the price and product description on Amazon UK >>


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