Thursday, December 2, 2010

Free shipping on Kleer-based wireless earbuds and other iPod accessories until Dec 31, 2010

Christmas comes early at WireFreeHifi, a distributor and online retailer of Kleer-based wireless earbuds (DigiFi Opera S2, iPod-certifed DigiFi Opera S5, Sleek SA1 wireless headphones), wireless bike speaker (Cy-Fi), and various iPad/iPhone accessories that free you of the wires. FREE SHIPPING UNTIL DEC 31, 2010! Which I guess technically means you could buy these after Christmas, but are then then still Christmas presents? Sure, go for it.

Visit the WireFreeHifi website to find out more >>

And while WireFreeHifi is based in the UK, they ship to the States, Canada no problems.

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