Sunday, December 5, 2010

Opera S5 wireless earbuds for iPad and iPhone: Uses Kleer wireless audio technology

They ship already paired, so all you'll need to do is attached the transmitter to your iPod or iPhone, play your music, and start grooving to your music (if that's your thing). You can purchase them on Amazon UK. They're distributed by WireFreeHifi, who also ship to the States no worries. 

And WireFreeHifi has free shipping until Dec 31, 2010 but I don't know if that applies when you purchase from them via Amazon. So if you want free shipping, you may need to purchase them from WireFreeHifi, who have their own online shopping cart.

Anyhoo, the DigiFi Opera S5 use Kleer wireless audio technology to deliver CD-quality, uncompressed, lossless, digital stereo audio. No Bluetooth, Kleer is not Bluetooth. Kleer is a proprietary wireless audio technology. Bluetooth compresses sound, Kleer does not. So with Kleer, you hear what the artist/musician intended. 

The Opera S5, because it connects using the Apple dock, has volume and track control on the earbuds. This means you can raise/lower audio and pause/start/stop/skip/fast forward/rewind an audio track, all from your earbuds. No need to touch your iPad or iPhone for those controls, it's all with you located conveniently on the wireless earbuds.

Here's some photos of what they look like when you wear them. 

When I used to own a set of the old DigiFi Opera S1s (which they don't make anymore), I used them exclusively for listening to music on my laptop when I was working. I used to actually reverse them so that the receiver that normally sits on the back of your neck, would dangle in front on my chest. Somehow was more comfortable that way for me. So you may also try some different ways of wearing the earbuds, find out what's comfortable for you, what works best. 

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