Tuesday, November 30, 2010

iPad + Kleer = best party music system yet: Review on SlashGear

Article on SlashGear from  Apr 19th, 2010 about the Kleer-based S5T transmitter. Now, I'm jumping ahead of the queue here as this is only about the transmitter. But because Kleer-based transmitters can be paired with Kleer-based receivers (earbuds, headphones, speakers), then the advantage here is that it is up to you how you want to listen to your iPad. Do you want to use Sennheiser RS series (160, 170, 180) Kleer-based wireless headphones? Or, the Digifi Opera S2 or S5? You can even purchase the D&A RX1 dongle, which can be used on any compatible (make sure it is) speaker.

Then enjoy CD-quality, lossless, digital stereo audio, courtesy of the Kleer wireless audio technology (no Bluetooth).

Here's an excerpt from the SlashGear article:

"The iPad accessory market is on course to mimic the wildly successful iPhone ecosystem, but what are the must-haves?  If you’re anything like us you’re a music fan and you want to use your iPad with an existing iPod speaker dock; we’ve just tried out the D&A RX1 iPod speaker dock receiver dongle we reviewed back in February, paired with a Kleer S5T transmitter, and – despite the iPad initially saying the accessory wasn’t compatible – we’re now enjoying our iTunes music (not to mention Spotify and other streaming services) in high quality and with no cords."

NOTE: WireFreeHifi ships to the USA and Canada, so no worries when ordering from their UK-based website. FREE SHIPPING UNTIL DECEMBER 31, 2010.

Note: iPad not included in the purchase of the DigiFi S5T product lines.

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