Monday, November 22, 2010

Review Sennheiser MX W1 true wireless earbuds: "sound quality is outstanding"

Interesting and honest review of the Sennheiser MX W1 true wireless earbuds on Amazon from June 9, 2010. What's interesting about this review is that the author also owns two sets of the Sennheiser RS 180 wireless headphones. And the author takes full advantage that you can pair the MX W1 wireless earbuds with the RS 180 transmitter (and vice versa, pair the RS 180 wireless headphones with the MX W1 transmitter if the author wanted.). 

The reason the author can pair the different product's transmitters with different wireless earbuds/headphones is that both the MX W1 and the RS 180 use Kleer technology (no Bluetooth). Kleer provides uncompressed, lossless, CD-quality, digital stereo audio. And, as the author proves, you can pair Kleer-based transmitters with other Kleer-based wireless earbuds and headphones. 

The author notes that the "RS 180s are used in the home theater room and the master bedroom (allowing for 2 headphone sets in either room)". 

He also writes: "I have some quibbles with the MX W1. But, overall, I believe they will suit my purpose -- to provide wireless headphones for listening to TV in bed (but only when paired with the RS 180 transmitter). Others may or may not be happy with this purchase. The sound quality probably beats any ear bud on the market. So, those seeking superior audio quality in a wireless ear bud will probably judge the advantages to outweigh the disadvantages."

And here's the author's summary: "Again, I use the MX W1 as a wireless headphone for listening to TV in bed. The RS 180 headphones work well for this purpose. But, resting my head on the pillow is then problematic (the pillow pushes on the bulky headphones). Pairing the MX W1 ear pieces with the RS 180 transmitter has provided a satisfactory, but still less than ideal, solution -- at a VERY high price. Of all my Sennheiser purchases, I am most pleased with the RS 180s and least pleased (relatively speaking) with the MX W1. The MX W1 is a great product. But, it could be better. Others may want to think long and hard about how well this expensive device will meet their needs and expectations."

Again, the author demonstrates the strength of Kleer-based wireless audio products: the high quality wireless audio, the ability to pair different Kleer-based transmitters with other Kleer-based wireless earbuds/headphones. 

And, I did notice that he likes the Sennheiser RS 180 wireless headphones that he purchased two. I found his review of the RS 180 headphones on Amazon and it is very positive as you'd might expect.

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