Friday, November 26, 2010

TDK WR700 Wireless Hi-Fi-Headphones Review: "crisp clear detailed sound of high quality corded headphones"

Had to post the definitive review from MyCE of the TDK wireless headphones that use Kleer wireless audio technology.

One of the most in-depth reviews of any wireless headphones, heck, probably any headphone The review is from April 2010, but it still stands as extremely thorough, covering everything from detailed specs, what's inside the box, how to set up the headphones and the transmitter, sound performance and quality, background noise suppression, transmission distance, dealing with other 2.4GHz equipment, and audio latency. Pretty high tech tests, loads of photographs, screenshots of the testing equipment results, and well written results.

The review is several pages long, but well worth the read. Here are some excerpts:

"The most impressive features of these headphones include how small the transmitter is and how crisp, clear and detailed the audio is, clear enough for us to notice defects in many of our MP3 and M4A files, especially anything at 128kbps.  While Bluetooth headphones would do away with the transmitter, they are only compatible with Bluetooth enabled equipment and typically rely on lossy audio compression for transmission that compromises the sound quality.

With such a small transmitter, we expected the transmission range to be no more than within reaching point, but we had no issue with the headphones operating with two concrete walls in-between the transmitter.  The headphones also operated fine without line of sight such as with the transmitter in a port behind a PC or TV."

Here's the list of the positive items from the last page of the review:
  • Transmitter a little larger than a 9v battery and plugs directly into the headphones socket.
  • No cradle, dock, cables or power socket required; just the small transmitter and headphones.
  • Crisp clear detailed audio, enough to reveal defects in many MP3 & M4A encodings, some up to 320kbps.
  • Excellent response across the frequency range from deep bass to high treble.
  • Comfortable to wear, even after extended listening periods.
  • Excellent transmission range, with no dropouts through 2 concrete walls in our test.
  • Negligible interference with Wi-Fi equipment, unless transmitter is placed right at Wi-Fi AP.
  • Pairs automatically when powered on and both automatically power off after 2 minutes of silence.
  • Transmitter can be shared with additional WR700 wireless headphones
  • Volume control on right ear piece.
  • Batteries, carry pouch, 6.25mm adapter and extension included.
  • Runs on ordinary AAA batteries.
The reviewer does have some minor issues, but you'll have to read them on the MyCE website. And, the TDK wireless headphones earned both the editor rating of excellent, and the editors choice.

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